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Beachy Bathroom Renovation

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We are loving this coastal inspired bathroom that we finished renovating for our tween daughters last year. I wanted the feel to be beachy, bohemian, and a bit feminine but sticking with classic materials like a clawfoot tub and marble tile that will grow with them.

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If you have room in your bathroom, I always suggest to do a separate shower and tub because it gives your bathroom a more custom feel. Even though this is technically a 1950's track home, I try to go with finishes that give it the feel of a custom home. One of the ways to do that is to go with similar, but not identical design choices throughout the bathrooms, so your bathrooms tie in, but aren't exactly the same. Since we did not do a tub in the master, but instead opted for a large indoor outdoor shower, a bathtub in our second bathroom was a must. View our master bathroom HERE.

You do need to have at least one bathtub in your house for re-sale value, because families with children need a bathtub. I have always wanted a fun clawfoot tub and this one from Wayfair was small enough to fit in the space. Here is what the bathroom looked like before:

This was the original tub from the 1950's, and obviously I was trying to distract from the sad finishes with a pop of art! plants! towel hooks! The shower was in a little niche next to the tub right here:

There was a wall in between the shower and tub that we knocked down to open the whole space up. Here was the original built in vanity, with 1950's green tile, that I sort of liked, but just could never really fit the bill for an updated look no matter how hard I tried.

We kept the footprint the same. The toilet is on the other side of this little wall that you see. We knocked down the wall to give the new vanity more space. We decided to put the plumbing in the wall and go with a console that we turned into a vanity with vessel sinks on top. This gives the vanity a more modern look and gave us more choices on what we could choose as a vanity. Possibly, this saved us money because consoles are much cheaper than vanities, but putting the plumbing into the wall also costs money so if you are not already opening up the walls, maybe you don't want to rack up more plumbing costs. Here is what our vanity looks like now:

These mirrors are actually medicine cabinets and we purchased them from Amazon. Since this console-turned-vanity didn't have any drawers, I wanted to have extra storage space for my daughters to store toothbrush, hairbrush, etc. and all of the daily items that tend to sit out on a countertop. It is tough to find medicine cabinets that look stylish but I think this is a great option for a gold round mirror that also provides storage. Shop my medicine cabinets HERE

I also love these modern brushed bold wall mounted faucets. They have a high end custom look and they are surprisingly affordable. Shop gold faucets HERE I also love the soft look of these brass globe lights that you can purchase HERE.

We did polyurethane the top of this console and so far, it is standing up to the elements of two tween girls, but it is possible I add a countertop to this one day if the top starts to get damaged. This is not the exact one we bought but here is a very similar look for a very good price although these are actually two separate consoles you could use one or both. Shop rattan console HERE. In our master bathroom reno, we did add a countertop to the console vanity and I'm glad we did. In this bathroom we decided to do extra big sinks from Wayfair.

Now for the decor elements - we put this beach print above the bathtub that I found from Society 6. It pulls in the teel color of the hexagon tile in the shower to the ocean color in the print. The light fixture is an etsy find. It was sort of a bold choice, but it wasn't too expensive and fixtures like this can be switched out over time, unlike tile that is a much more permanent choice. Because this is the bathroom my two tween daughters use, I wanted a fun boho style element. You can shop my rain shower faucet HERE.

The little tree trunk stool is from Amazon and can be purchased HERE The rest of the items you can shop at the link below. I tried to link some different options so you can get the look for your own spa coastal bathroom oasis.


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