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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Are you guilty of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone else, and then when someone asks you what you want, your mind draws a complete blank? This mostly happens to me every year, and then I'm a bit dumbfounded when I'm the mom who got the robe like on the SNL skit. So, I'm determined to save some items to a pinterest board this year that I can look at and actually tell my spouse what I want with helpful links attached! We can break cycles! For Christmas, I don't want anything too useful (like, if my husband gives me a vacuum, no matter how nice, I'm pissed) but not too frivolous - if it is too expensive and I won't really use it I'm also a bit annoyed. Ok, now you know why no one knows what to get me. So here is a list for you, of items that I think hit the sweet spot. A little special, a little luxurious, but not to make you bankrupt over the holidays. These are useful items that hopefully won't sit at the bottom of a drawer.

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