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Bohemian Modern Dorm Room

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Time to start decorating your dorm for college! I love this modern boho vibe for a dorm room with a pop of pink. I'm inspired by the Barbie movie right now, and so I think this is a good time to embrace a little millennial pink. This would go great with a few plants.

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First, I would choose a statement art piece.

I thought this print was kind of fun and you can see how paired with midcentury elements and some white neutral bedding it really pops. If this is too pink - I also like these vintage art prints that are sort of altered and fun.

Shop David Bubble Gum Print HERE

I also like these two vintage inspired prints below that add a bit of character and whimsy. You could use these to inspire the color palette of your room.

Shop Vintage Butterfly Print HERE

Shop vintage C'est La Vie Print HERE

Next, I would go with some neutral bedding. I like the soft white look that looks inviting even when your bed is unmade sort of like this look:

This is 100% cotton and washable. It comes in a twin size. You can shop this duvet cover and pillowcases HERE

I also love this set, I have this in my daughters' bedroom and it has held up well. It is also 100% cotton, and machine washable. It is a nice ivory color. Shop this set HERE

Next you are going to want to pile some cozy pillows on your unmade bed. You will want to look at what other colors you chose in your pop art to pull it all together.

A pillow vibe like this is kind of cozy and fun with some trailing plants like this. Shop pillows HERE

I would recommend snake plants and pothos hanging plants for easy plant care. Both of these plants are very resilient and like less water and will survive in less light. If you need a good faux options you can shop a trailing faux plant HERE

For a mirror option, I love this neutral wavy mirror that can go on the floor. It adds visual interest with a fun modern shape. You can shop this mirror HERE

Or this pink version would look great as a vanity mirror on a desk and it is very affordable, right now it is under $20. Shop this pink wavy mirror HERE

Let's talk some basic appliances. I think a Keurig coffee maker is a must so you can make a quick cup of coffee before you head off to class and this one is a top-seller and it comes in multiple colors including light pink! Shop this Keurig HERE

Who doesn't love a retro looking fridge? This one is under $35 (gasp) and you can store beverages or even makeup in here. It is so cute I'm looking for a reason to buy one - maybe for a beverage station? It also comes in multiple colors. You can purchase it HERE

So there you have it, all my top picks for showing up to college in style! None of these items are a huge investment and would make your dorm look pulled together. All of these would transfer well to your first apartment in future years. What am I missing? What other must-have decor items are you taking off to college?

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