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Spooky Chic Fall Decor

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Controversial opinion here - holiday decor can look tacky. Yes, I said it. Especially Halloween decor. My biggest tip for steering away from looking like a holiday threw up on your house is for you to decorate in a way that is fun and festive but still fits in with your style and color scheme. This allows for a unique twist on the holiday season anyway, because who doesn't love a good cactus for fall? I live in San Diego, so my mini cactus plants fit into a lot of different looks that I can use year round.

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I have different colors and vignettes going throughout my house. On my mantle, I decided to do a light a bright Dia De Los Muertos inspired look with items I already had on hand - little potted cactuses, these adorable candlesticks, a butterfly garland that used to be up in my daughters' bedroom, and cloches that can be used for different types of displays, or centerpieces year round.

I've had this fun portrait forever, but you can purchase a Frida Kahlo inspired portrait HERE. Spider webs and google eyes from a craft store can make your portraits look fun and creepy. They are also add a vibe while being easy to store. I cannot have fall decor taking over my garage most of the year so win/win if it adds something fun while fitting into one box.

On my living room console, I have lighter colors, with a black and white print so again, I followed the color palate and added in black butterflies, a skull, and some spider webs on a manzanita branch.

The manzanita branches work for a lot of different applications, and so when I want to get rid of Halloween and transition more to late fall, I can leave those up. I left the pampas grass up year round last year.

Behind my TV wall I have dark wallpaper to hide the TV, and I have this fun portrait to the side. Some googly eyes and spider webs make it fun. The candlesticks here are from a thrift store, and I added some black tapers.

For the dining table, I have some dark foliage that I picked up at Trader Joe's this past weekend, along with some cuttings from my yard. I have more vintage candlesticks, some lanterns, and some mini pumpkins, also from Trader Joe's. I like natural elements that I can purchase relatively cheaply that I don't need to store all year round.

I'll remove the spiderwebs and transition it to Thanksgiving without a lot of effort. My daughters are happy with the creepy vibe without it taking too much storage or effort on my part. So what do you think? Do you love to decorate for Halloween or no?

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