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Spooky Chic Halloween

Got a suffering houseplant? No problem. Add it to your spooky chic look. Ok, I'm kinda kidding, but maybe not. I like a haunted house vibe this time of year, and sometimes my plants are looking a little sad and that's ok! I also add black candles to my vintage candlesticks that I use year-round, some spider webs, a skull and voila. It's a spooky edge without your house being taken over. These black butterfly decals were only 6.99 on Amazon. My daughters love them.

Add some googley eyes from Michaels to your portraits, a spider web, a vintage candlestick from a thrift store or etsy and you're on your way. My cactus isn't doing too well here but oh well.

On my table I have more vintage candlesticks, and a few live pumpkins along with some gold craft store pumpkins. Here I moved the skull as the centerpiece. I don't like a lot of holiday decor that I have to store and so I hope that you're inspired to add a few haunted touches to what you already have on hand. All my fall decor fits into one box in my garage, and costs less than $100. If you want to shop my look - you can find items here:

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