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This past month I was the featured designer at Mor Furniture

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My assignment was to design two rooms for Mor's showroom around two pieces of furniture - the Catamaran sofa and the Calloway Bed. Their Catamaran sofa is very comfortable and versatile. It is fully customizable and could work in a lot of different rooms and styles. Inspired by my family's cabin in Oregon, I decided to do a rustic modern living room. With reclaimed wood coffee and end tables, midcentury cozy chairs, leather stools, and geometric accents this room really came together with a fun vacation home vibe.

I like that this look is also durable and livable - nothing is too precious here, so it would stand up to renters. It is cozy and warm but doesn't skimp on style. I really love these textured side chairs and the leather side stools. This feels like it gives multiple seating options for people to cozy up and watch a movie. The bar cart is a fun addition, and could be set up as a coffee cart or any sort of beverage or snack station - think popcorn and candy for movies or a teapot and cookies for your afternoon cuppa.

The second showroom was a bedroom styled around the Calloway Bed. I decided to mix up the set here and do a white farmhouse style nightstand and dresser to give it a more casual classic vibe.

I chose two sculptural lamps, and some pops of pink to add some color without a lot commitment. I added lots of plants (real and faux), a textured rug, and some stripes. Suddenly this bed that is more of a dramatic statement piece feels comfortable and eclectic, kind of like pairing your favorite jeans with a fancier top.

To style a nightstand, you can never go wrong with a pair of sculptural lamps that add some round shape to this room (with a lot of squares), a vase with some branches and a candle to tie in a little contrasting color.

For the dresser styling I added some taper candles on a tray to add some height and visual interest, a muted piece of art that ties in our color palette, and plants on a stool that adds a little bohemian edge. One of these plants is real, the others are faux to keep things low-maintenance. The muted stripe in the rug pulls in the stripe in the bed pillows and keeps things preppy. For my own house, I tend towards mid-century lines but lately some really popular design bloggers have renovated older homes and chosen more of a classic style for their homes. A bedroom like this wouldn't go out of style, and you could change up the accents as time goes on.

I had a lot of fun styling these rooms, especially since both were a bit different than my usual style and had a certain "look." Just like changing up outfits, it is fun to design in different styles even if you keep going back to your favorite jeans and top!

Shop the rooms here at this link:

What words do you use to describe your style preferences? I usually say I am a beachy bohemian modern and this partly is defined by the house I live in and my city - a ranch style house built in the 1950's in San Diego. How does your environment and the age of your home affect your style? What would you call your style?

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